Trade City
Second Monday Trade Days Bowie Texas

Vender Information

Vendor Prices Outside Spaces
Row 1 Spaces are $12' X25' at &25.00
Row 3 Spaces are 12' X 48' at $35.00
Row 5 & 6 Spaces are 12' X 25  #20 to 29 are $25.00
Row 8,9,10, & 12 Spaces are 12' X 30' at $35.00
Spaces on hill are ( Row 12 Spaces 22 to 39) and (Row 9 Spaces 32 to 43)
Spaces on hill are $20.00 per weekend.
The above prices are for the entire weekend. Vending fee for city is included.
Electricity is $7.00 per day.
Enclosed Booth Prices
Booths with Porch are Aprox. 10' X 20' at $125.00per month and a deposit of $125.00 is required per enclosed booth.
Booths in buildings are $100.00 with a $100.00 Deposit.

Vendor Prices Covered Spaces
Pv. 1 are 10' X 20' and 10' X 16' Parking space at $55.00
Pv. 2 Row 5 covered are 12' X 17' with No Parking space at $45.00
Pv. 2 Row 6 #(1 to 3) & (6 to10) are 12' X 20' and  12' X 16'
parking space at $55.00
The above prices are for the entire weekend. Vending fee included.
Electricity is $7.00 Per day.
RV Spaces 
Spaces are $15.00 Per Day.
This includes water,electric and space.


Vendor Reservation Conditions
All venders including enclosed booths are not allowed to sell food or drinks, This is reserved for food venders.
* Vendors must be in their spaces by 8:30 AM Saturday & 9:30 Sunday.
* In order to reserve a space in advance, you must pay in advance.
Contact Mark Shillingburg to reserve a space at 940-872-4180 or cel# 940-841-0103.
Mailing address is listed below.

Keeping The Same Space Every Month

 * To reserve the same space each month payment must be made by Sunday at 6:00PM on Second Monday Weekend. 
* If you are unable to attend the market one month and want to keep your same space you must call by Thursday at 12:00 noon the week of the market. If you do not notify Mark Shillingburg by 12:00 noon your space will become open.
* If you are unable to attend the market and have a friend that want's your space that month they can use it as long as you contact Mark Shillingburg for approval. If approved you are responsible for making sure payment is made.
 *Spaces will become open if not paid by Sunday the weekend of the market. If you are absent from the market one month you will still have to pay for the month that was missed and the following month in advance, no exceptions including bad weather.

** All spaces become Open if not paid for by Sunday 6:00 Pm. week of market.

Contact Mark Shillingburg
Cel. #940-841-0103
E-Mail at
Mailing Address
Trade City
422 Decatur St.
Bowie, Texas 76230
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