Trade City Second Monday Trade Days

Bowie, Texas

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​​​Second Monday Trade Days is 125 years old and still going strong. Trade City independently owned by Mark Shillingburg and has become a major part of the Second Monday Trade Days. Trade City was started by Dallas Hutson in the late seventies. In the beginning, it was just a parking lot, then a few vendors asked if they could set up  and as more came Dallas built a covered pavilion. As time went on he built restrooms, enclosed booths, and a Mall building. 

 In 1997, Mark Shillingburg bought Trade City from Dallas and continued the improvements. This included putting in asphalt roads, installing new electrical hookups, new restrooms, showers, and adding more buildings. There are now over 100 enclosed booths, 100 covered spaces, and 200 outside spaces. Second Monday Trade Days Trade City is more than a flea market it's an event that brings customers from cities and states all around the area. 

Trade City Second Monday Trade Days Bowie, Texas provides a unique shopping experience that you will never forget. Covered walk ways and buildings protect customers from the weather and friendly vendors make you feel welcome. Come see us the weekend before the Second Monday of each month.​

​​Cell # 940-841-0103

Trade City Contact Info
Owner: Mark Shillingburg​______________________________________

Cell #: 940-841-0103

Physical Address:
414 Pelham St.
Bowie, Texas 76230

Mailing Address:
Trade City
422 Decatur St.
Bowie, Texas 76230